Case Study: Changing Body Shape

I have always been someone who found the gym a total bore. Cathy Broadbridge, 59. Book Keeper/Accounts Manager for family business.

I have always been someone who found the gym a total bore.

Kathy Broadbridge
Book Keeper/Accounts Manager, 59

How long have you been doing Pilates?
I have been doing Pilates for just over 7 years, Powmak is where my journey started.

How long have you been coming to POWMAK?
I prefer to do equipment Pilates as I feel my body responds better and I therefore achieve a much stronger muscle tone.

Do you do matwork or equipment Pilates?
Equipment Pilates.

Why did you start doing Pilates?
I started Pilates, after reading an article in a magazine about how good it was for you. I have always been someone who found the Gym a total bore. I thought it sounded interesting and that it just might work for me. Goggled classes in my area and found POWMAK.

How does Pilates benefit you/how has your body changed?
Since doing 2-3 classes a week my body shape has changed considerably, I now have toned arms, legs, tummy and especially, great flexibility which is very important as you get older.

What do you love about Pilates?
Pilates is a full body workout, it stretches your muscles and joints in a gentle way, it is great if you have any medical problems back pain etc.

What do you love about POWMAK?
POWMAK have wonderful teachers who guide you through all the exercises so that you get the very best from every class you attend.

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