This class will give you everything that your body needs and everything that you want. It will work your whole body at a level to suit you and give you super accelerated results, variety, maximum benefit from each exercise. This is more than barre, more than personal training, more than Pilates.

This class works because it is varied and keeps you interested. It works because it has all the benefits of yoga, Pilates, circuits, cross training at a high cardio level with a frame that supports and helps you to achieve the best out of all the best gym exercises. It has been described as “Insanity without the madness”, “barre without the boring”, “better than a personal trainer”.

Classes start from £4 to £15 depending on how often you come to the studio.

If you want all over body results then come to this class that we have developed in-house. You can’t get this class anywhere else, we are more than Pilates, we are all over body strength and fitness.