powmak pilates teacher training courses

We are a rapidly expanding company with big ideas for the next few years so please contact us if you are thinking about changing what you do. 

Full Studio Pilates is becoming more and more popular. There are lots of studios opening and not enough teachers to satisfy the demand. A fully qualified POWMAK teacher can teach confidently in any studio and our graduates are very highly regarded and sought after.

This course covers a wide variety of reformer exercises and how to teach group sessions at different levels – very useful if you only want to teach reformer classes and not the bench, Cadillac and other equipment.

If you have already done your mat Pilates qualification and you now want to come into the studio to add this expertise then this is the course for you. You don’t have to have done your qualification with POWMAK – we welcome teachers from all areas.

If you only want to teach on the mat or if you are learning from a distance or adding Pilates to your fitness qualifications then this is brilliant. Click here for distance options.


We would be delighted to hear from you and give you any information and help that you may want – we know it’s a minefield of teacher training courses out there so we can give you some objective help to choose the right one for you personally. Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.