New Subscriptions

We are changing our studio subscriptions, adding more flexibility so you can subscribe exactly to what you want to do at POWMAK.

We opened the POWMAK studio 10 years ago and the HiLO studio 5 years ago. We are reviewing how you use the studio as we will be restructuring the subscriptions for new starters from October 1st, and we want to offer you the best options for you personally.

I only go to MAT sessions in the HiLo studio

We have been running a special offer on this subscription which will finish on 1st October 2019. You have 2 options:
a) Lock in your 2019 price by paying for a full year now. If you join this subscription now and pay in August or September 2019, you will get the pay-now price  – £550 including VAT. The subscription runs for a full year from payment date. From October the annual price will be £600 including VAT.
b) Stay on your monthly subscription which will increase to £75 on 1st October 2019.

POWMAT Subscription

(your new subscription from 1-Oct)

£55 per month

Monthly membership. Unlimited POWMAT sessions in the HiLo studio.

POWMAT Subscription Annual
£600 per year
(£550 if purchased before 1-Oct)

Annual membership. Unlimited POWMAT sessions in the HiLo studio.