Welcome to the POWMAK Teacher Training School.
A POWMAK student teacher receives a full and rounded Pilates education making you the most confident, clear and passionate teacher that you can be.
We are a very large working studio open 7 days a week with over 20 teachers and 60 student teachers working together to run over 70 hours of Pilates every week.
We welcome student teachers into our studio from all walks of life.
They work together throughout their journey and all our teachers are involved with helping and supporting their education.
We are based in Windsor and we encourage residential courses but, if you want to learn from a distance, we have a fully interactive option which will give you great support and experience without actually having to spend time here.

Find out more about the POWMAK pilates instructor courses

We know it’s a minefield of teacher training courses out there so we would be delighted to hear from you and give you any information and help  to choose the right one for you personally.
Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

The complete flexibility in terms of dates and payments – we want to make the courses as accessible and ‘doable’ as possible for you so we give you options that fit around you and your life. You can qualify in 3 months or take 2 years – it’s up to you as an individual.

There are lots of different options depending on your background, experience and what you intend to do with your qualification in the future. Once qualified and having started working, teachers usually want to carry on learning and adding depth to their knowledge so that they are equipped to confidently work with any population such as back pain, pregnancy, menopause etc.

We can advise and help you to decide but read on to see a list of courses, make sure you sign up for more information as we are always adding to our course prospectus.

You can learn whenever it suits you. You have 2 years to complete the course and it is possible to finish within a few months. It really depends on your circumstances, family, work commitments etc.

We run programmes all year round and you can pick what suits you, repeat, decide which order and how you learn material.

We work with you on an assessment plan and we guide and motivate you to success and your coveted certificate.

You can start your course and come to the studio in Windsor as much or as little as you want to or can fit in to your schedule. We do encourage people to come to the studio, self practice, practice with the other students, observe and generally get the feel of how a busy studio runs.

If you choose to do a residential, intensive or one-day-at-the-studio course we will make sure you make the most of your time when you come to visit as well as giving full online and Skype support and feedback. You will feel guided and a real part of our studio whichever option you choose.