Meet Sam Kellard

POWMAK Founder

Meet Sam Kellard


Hello and welcome to our Pilates Teacher training courses. We have taken all our experience and made a fully flexible suite of Pilates courses designed to make it possible and easy for you to become a Pilates Instructor.

Whether you are from a fitness or health background or wanting to retrain after redundancy, kids grown up or retirement we will consider your application based on you as a person.

We will fit the course around where you live, the amount of spare time that you have and we will support you all the way to completion and we’ll be really excited with you when we present you your certificate!

I am a 52 year old who came to Pilates through pain, lots of pain throughout my 30’s , in fact when I was being interviewed recently they asked me how old I am.. I had to think.. The fact is that I feel so much stronger, more supple and am completely pain free these days so I actually feel MUCH better than I did 20 years ago.

Pilates cured my painful spine and I trained as a Pilates teacher only so that I could keep practising myself without relying on teachers and studios which back then were few and far between and often closed for holidays, evenings and when I wanted to go.

My other reason for training as a teacher was that I get bored VERY easily #shortattentionspan and I have a background in competitive martial arts and horse riding so lying around on a mat and hardly moving was not for me.

I have built a team of people here in Windsor and together we have developed a Pilates gym and fitness method which accommodates all levels of people who need to exercise and move their bodies and who want results fast.

If, like me, you get bored easily and want to climb a frame and hang upside down you can progress to that here. If you are a gentler, more measured person but still want great results you will get what you want here.

I know that I and the people around me sound like evangelists when we are talking about the POWMAK method but believe me it is like a miracle, it does turn the clock back and it is #betterforyourbody.

This is Fitness for your future.

My mission is to make this form of exercise and fitness more available to more people by training teachers and opening gyms all over the UK. Click here to browse our training courses!